About Connie

I’m a funder by day, a social activist at heart.

I guide donors, foundations, giving circles, and social impact investors to the best return on their charitable giving…seeding a world where we all thrive, together.

I focus on game-changers.

Regenerating our planet’s natural and built environments. Transforming the economy so workers and consumers profit. Investing in grassroots community leaders and cultural assets. Nurturing collective people power and social movements. Reforming broken policies and systems.

Alongside my consulting practice, I lead the Panta Rhea Foundation. Prior to PRF, I served as Portfolio Director at The James Irvine Foundation and as Senior Director of Programs at Urban Habitat.

July 2020 closes out my ten-year term as Commissioner on the California’s first-ever Citizens Redistricting Commission. I also volunteer on the national Advisory Board of the Funders Committee for Civic Participation and the local board of Southern California Grantmakers.

I reside in Los Angeles, California, having lived across the United States and abroad. My family’s roots run deep in San Andres, Providence, and Santa Catalina: Colombia’s Caribbean islands.

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